Introducing The Full Rack: every salt and preservative-free seasoning in The Flavour Chef range. 

The Full Rack includes Chilli, Barbeque, Garlic, Lemon, Oriental, Mediterranean, Spicy Fiesta and Chocolate Doughnut.

Benefits of The Flavour Chef range

➜ No salt
➜ No MSG
➜ No added sugar
➜ No additives or preservatives
➜ 100% vegan/vegetarian
➜ 100% paleo
➜ 100% herbs and spices
➜ Very low calories 

Get inspired by The Full Rack

Perfect on their own or combined, these blends offer intense flavour without the need to chop, dice or grind your own ingredients.

🌶  Chilli salt-free seasoning: Spice enthusiasts will love this blend of chilli flakes, ground chilli and cayenne pepper sprinkled on any white or red meats.

Try spicy Mexican tacos with beef mince or liven up lean pork steaks. 

🍗  BBQ salt-free seasoning: So fragrant and versatile, our barbeque blend includes smoked paprika, garlic and cumin.

The perfect addition to outdoor feasts like juicy steaks or chicken kebabs. BBQ is also a fan favourite when spicing up meal prep.

🧄  Garlic salt-free seasoning: Everyone's favourite culinary combination - garlic and onion - combine for a flavourful spice without the need for a garlic crusher.

This spice can be enjoyed on all vegetarian and meat dishes. Why not try on grilled zucchini and capsicum, roasted tofu or sticky garlic chicken?

🍋  Lemon salt-free seasoning: This subtle lemon and pepper combo goes exceptionally well with grilled or baked chicken dishes.

Team it with our Garlic spice to give flavour to white fish or roasted potatoes.

🥢  Oriental salt-free seasoning: Unlike soy sauce, our Oriental spice blend is free of MSG and preservatives.

Try in stir-fries with pork, chicken or beef and fresh snow peas, capsicum and bamboo shoots.

🏖  Mediterranean salt-free seasoning: Recreate your favourite Greek or Italian-inspired dishes at home with this marjoram, oregano and parmesan blend.

Perfect on skewered meats, barbequed chicken tenderloins or mixed in meatballs made with beef and veal mince.

🪅 Spicy Fiesta salt-free seasoning: Enjoy Mexican dishes without salt-laden supermarket spice mixes.

Spicy Fiesta goes well in fresh guacamole or sprinkled on beef mince.

🍩  Chocolate Doughnut salt-free seasoning: Have your cake and eat it too with the fragrant blend of cocoa and cardamom. 

Liven up protein smoothies, overnight oats or baked fruit desserts with a few sprinkles.

The Full Rack

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