Now I do competitive bodybuilding competitions and if you don't know already, they require some strict protocols around what and how much I can eat...not always fun - I'm sure you have heard of the ol "chicken and broccoli" diet that most bodybuilders eat haha! well this is how it mostly started.
The Flavour Chef was born from a need to spice things up in the kitchen whilst working on these personal fitness goals of mine - Trying to find something to add some flavour, that didn't have additives, preservatives, a ton of salt or added sugars. These made my stomach bloat, gassy and puffy. So one day I decided to make my own and BAM! The Flavour Chef was born!

I decided to make these for fitness enthusiasts, health conscious people and foodies alike. The Flavour Chef seasoning blends are completely free from the salt, additives and preservatives in which are commonly found in supermarket seasoning blends. The aim of what I'm trying to achieve is provide a solution and removing all the "fillers" to provide a healthy alternative to bring the most flavour to our food possible.

These herb and spice seasonings are exactly that - just naturally dried ingredients that add variety and versatility to meal prepping healthy eating regimes or just enjoy great tasting food.

Many of our return customers are fitness enthusiasts, health conscious people or just normal foodies that don’t want to skimp on flavour when following a specific diet or any food preparation. They just enjoy flavoursome food - guilt free.

I'm proud to say The Flavour Chef is Australian owned and operated. The blends are made with Australian grown produce, intern helping support our local farming community and other small businesses.


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