Brimming with proven health benefits and undeniably one of the most versatile vegetables, garlic is a household staple for a reason.

The Flavour Chef Garlic seasoning packs a punch: enjoy the distinct taste of garlic with black pepper and onion flakes for a zesty finish. It's a multi-purpose spice blend that transforms any meal without the mess of using a garlic crusher.

Garlic seasoning ingredients

  • Garlic granules
  • Onion flakes (ground)
  • Basil (rubbed)
  • Black pepper (kibbled fine)
  • Parsley (rubbed)
  • Garlic kernels (ground)
  • Oregano (rubbed)

Team the Garlic seasoning with two or more blends in a discounted combination pack. Our best bets? Garlic and Lemon is a match made in culinary heaven.

Or, try Garlic with a generous sprinkle of our Mediterranean herbs. No rhyme for that combo, but sometimes the most simple things don't need any fanfare. 

What dishes can I use The Flavour Chef Garlic seasoning on?

From breakfast through to dinner, our salt-free garlic blend is sure to make an appearance.

No need to get fancy with this one: sprinkle on scrambled eggs or omelettes in the morning, generously spoon over roasted vegetables or rub over your choice of meat.

Garlic is also a meal prep necessity. Transform flavourless steak, mince, fish or chicken with a few shakes mixed with BBQ or Spicy Fiesta.

    Garlic Seasoning

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