Struggling to commit? Start a Flavour Chef love affair with your choice of three seasonings in this discounted bundle.

This is the ideal starter pack for culinary newbies that want to experiment with new flavours.

Benefits of The Flavour Chef range

➜ No salt
➜ No MSG
➜ No added sugar
➜ No additives or preservatives
➜ 100% vegan/vegetarian
➜ 100% paleo
➜ 100% herbs and spices
➜ Very low calories 

Get inspired by these Mix 'n' Match combos

🍗 🧄 🥢  BBQ + Garlic + Oriental salt-free seasonings: Try a few different cuisines with this trio.

Our BBQ and garlic blends go great together on grilled or smoked meats. Keep things interesting by recreating your favourite Asian dishes at home with Oriental.

🧄 🍋 🏖  Garlic + Lemon + Mediterranean salt-free seasonings: These are the essentials for any home chef.

Combine all three blends with olive oil for a delicious rub on chicken breast, fish or roasted vegetables.

🌶 🍗 🍩  Chilli + BBQ + Chocolate Doughnut salt-free seasonings: Are you spicy or sweet?

There's no need to choose with this fiery and fragrant combination perfect for all savoury meals or desserts.

Try more spices and seasonings

Sample the full Flavour Chef range with The Full Rack, featuring all eight blends.

Mix 'n' Match

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