Spice Up Your Party With The Flavour Chef Seasonings

Keith Graham

Summers is around the corner and it is the perfect time to put that barbeque in the backyard. Your parties and brunches would be spiced up in authentic Australian style with The Flavour Chef seasonings. These are four exotic blends of seasonings that will add a flavoursome touch your food and party both. Moreover, these spice blends make cooking so convenient that you do not need any other seasoning ingredients in your cabinet, not even the fresh ones as these seasonings are organic, fresh, and preservatives-free. Try the following four classic spice mixes from The Flavour Chef and make some delicious party food:

Lemon Seasoning

Zesty and tangy, this seasoning will give your meals the perfect taste just like a squeeze of natural lemon on the top. Also, the herbs added in this balance the flavours with their earthiness. Lemon and seafood go exceptionally well together, so try some grilled prawns for your guests with it. For your the vegetarian friends, grilled tofu will be a great option.

Garlic Seasoning

Garlic and onion is a marriage made in heaven. This awesome pair along with other herbs and spices satisfies all taste buds. Italian, Mexican, seafood, or lamb, this garlic seasoning goes with everything. For your party, try cheese garlic breads and some sweet potato wedges for snacking. Pasta and puff pastries flavoured with this seasoning will take you on an Italian food trip for sure.

Barbeque Seasoning

Australians just love their barbeque and you have to buy this seasoning to know why. This special blend of herbs and spices will give a smoky taste to all your food. It tastes great with almost everything you will put on the grill. But, our picks for the party would be prawns, lamb, pork ribs. Those who want a meatless barbeque can try zucchini or veg. kebabs.

Chilli Seasoning

This hot and spicy blend of chillies and spices would make you sweat even in the chill. This seasoning can blow your tongue into pieces for once, but later other ingredients balance the taste. Adding a kick to bland pasta or making some delicious chilli chicken, this seasoning is quite versatile. Surprise your guests by adding a pinch of this seasoning in their favourite cocktails.

Therefore, these were the four exotic seasoning blends from the house of The Flavour Chef, Australia. However, their goodness does not end with the flavour part only. They are also salt-free, sugar-free, MSG-free, and preservatives-free. Moreover, because all the seasonings are made from 100% natural ingredients, that is why these are 100% Vegan, 100% fit for the Paleo diet, 100% herbs and spices, and low in calories. Also, from the price perspective these are quite affordable and are more than double of the size of the regular seasoning packs. Buy the all four exotic and organic food seasonings from www.theflavorchef.com today.

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