Salt free seasonings

Keith Graham

With the changing trends in lifestyle and foods that we enjoy eating, consumers are becoming more conscious of what they put in their bodies. There is a desire to live a healthy life, incorporating a balanced diet, exercise and rest amongst other factors that promote well-being in life. According to science, human beings are not supposed to consume quantities of more than 140mg of sodium per meal. With that in mind, The Flavour Chef has come up with amazing salt-free seasonings to address the issue of lifestyle diseases, such as high blood pressure, that can be caused by excessive salt consumption. The idea behind these products is to promote salt-free seasonings for all age groups to serve the purpose of complimenting dietary and health needs.

The Flavour Chef’s seasonings are products that are hand Blended. These salt-free seasonings use natural ingredients sourced from the world’s fines spices. It is also importance to note that there are no is sugar used in the making of these salt-free seasonings. Our seasonings offer a great deal when it comes to monitoring weight gain as they contain very little calories. The excellent flavour of the salt-free seasonings is a great addition to all recipes.

The Flavour Chef is here to help you out by offering the best seasonings that contain no salt or preservatives at all. Amongst the many benefits these seasoning have to offer you, they can save time in the kitchen. This is because there are a variety of salt-free seasonings that will complement each and every recipe that you enjoy cooking. The other advantage of these salt-free seasonings from The Flavour Chef is that they offer value for money.

The Flavour Chef’s seasonings include Barbecue, Chilli, Garlic, Lemon, Mediterranean and Oriental Favours. You can buy the salt-free seasonings as single flavours or try our combinations bundles.

Enjoy your salt-free seasonings from today!

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