How to Stop Clumping in your Seasonings

Keith Graham

Our herb and seasoning blends here at The Flavour Chef don't contain any additives whatsoever. We pride ourselves on hand-bottled, healthy herb and spice blends to make cooking easy and meal prep for bodybuilders and athletes a breeze. 

Depending on how often you open your bottle, how fast you get through it and the climate where you live, at some point you may experience clumping or hardening of the ground blend which is caused by moisture. 

Normally the routine is to pop some rice into your salt and pepper shakers to prevent this, but with herbs and spices, the holes on most bottles are too big and the grains come out every time you use it!


If you are experiencing this with your seasoning, pop in a few dried beans (such as black beans) and you're good as gold. 

If you're regularly using your seasoning, simply give the bottle a hard tap or two on the bench then shake vigorously to break down the clumps before it gets too hard to break up. 

Get shakin'!

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